This past Monday, several of us girls who have been working and living together in State College had a friend of ours take pictures for us. Within a few weeks, all four of us girls will be hundreds of miles apart, in three different states.

Liz, Valonna, Glori… I’m gonna miss you all like crazy.

Michelle, I miss you so much! I’m sad you missed being here for this. You’ll never know how much you’ve meant to me, and how much joy, laughter and good advice you’ve added to my life!

Our laughs? Limitless. Our memories? Countless. Our friendship? Endless.

We’ve been on mountain tops​ together, we’ve been through dark valleys together. Through it all, our love for each other and our Heavenly Father has sustained us and drawn us so close together.

In so many ways, we’re all so different.  Yet, as daughters of the King, we have so much in common. Dear ladies, I look forward to seeing what God has in store for each of us!

Liz and I grew up together, so it was so precious having her live close by for the past 14 months. I miss her input, her love, and the understanding of a life-long friend.

Valonna, Glori… As I’ve gotten to know you both in the past year, more and more I love and admire you. I’m going to miss you two!

Kaylie, you’ve inspired me in so many ways in the few months you’ve been here. I love your servant heart, your cheerful smile and your clear countenance. I’ll miss you lots when you leave!

And to all you dear ladies (including those who aren’t in the pictures​) who have at some point in time lived or worked here in State College, I love you. I’ve learned so much from each of you, and you will always have a special place in my heart.

“You have filled my heart with greater joy.” Psalm 4:7

And what’s a photo shoot without a picture with the photographer? Thanks, Henry, you did an amazing job!

Photo credits, Henry Hertzler. Instagram: @henryhertzler

2 thoughts on “Heartstrings

  1. 💔 this is beautiful, Bethey! Blessings to you as you continue to serve. Christ’s character shines in your life!!!


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