On Becoming A Nurse Part Two

Nursing school is tough. I knew that before I started, but I also knew that I was prepared to work hard. There are some things that are really hard to explain… like the mental exhaustion after a clinical day of check-offs and learning new skills… or the intensity of taking an exam, knowing that failing is possible…

It’s been an intense few weeks, but I’ve already learned so much, and grown so much. I’ve been so blessed with amazing professors and classmates.

I’m more convinced than ever that I’m following God’s plan, and I’m more convinced than ever that I’m going to need His help to get through this year.

Mrs. Lehman and Ms. Acrie conferring in the lab.

Crystal, Chanok and Ella practicing catheterization.

Betsy posing for a picture.

Deana demonstrating how not to take notes.

Shannon demonstrating how to take notes.

Studying in the lab.

Checking off on skills can be nerve wracking! Ms. Acrie gave us a speech today about being nervous, and she said that part of being a good nurse is not freaking out under pressure. When there’s a crisis, and your patient and their family is calling for help, it’s you as the nurse that they’re calling for! You have to be able to go in calmly and take care of the situation. That’s what you’re there for.

Efficiency in skills will help you get to that place. When you first learned to tie your shoes, the results were still a little wonky even after you had your “I can tie my shoes” badge. After much more practice, you can now tie your shoes without thinking about it, and under less than ideal circumstances.

Nursing is a practice. There is no such thing as perfection. Even when you are at your best, you can still improve. We don’t come to nursing school to become perfect, we come to learn. It’s called nursing school, not nursing show-off. We’re learning!

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