On Becoming A Nurse Part Four

It’s hard to believe my first semester of nursing school is over! I took the final exams today and handed in my final paperwork… It’s such a relief to have that finished!

I could not have asked for a more amazing group of people as my classmates and professors. To all my classmates: You are all amazing and uniquely talented. I have enjoyed interacting with each of you over this past semester, and look forward to working more closely with you all in the semesters to come.


To my clinical group: Okay, you ladies are seriously the best. We were truly a powerful team, and I consider myself incredibly blessed to have been part of this group. I couldn’t decide what order to put your names in, so I went with alphabetical. 🙂 I’m going to miss all of you this summer while we’re in our new clinical rotations!

To Ms. Acrie, who is officially one of my heroes: Thank you so much for being a super star educator, nursing instructor and mentor. I look forward to being colleagues after I graduate so that we can go to Manhattan together!

Beatrice, Deana, Jessica, Kirsten, Laura, Monique, Ronni, Shannon… Cheers to us! I think it’s fair to say that there were times this semester when each of us faced discouragement, anxiety, and exhaustion. But each time, we rallied and picked ourselves and each other up, because we all know that we’re doing what we’re meant to be doing. We are all going to be incredible nurses someday soon, and we aren’t going to let anything stop us!

And of course a special thank you to my incredibly supportive family who has picked up the slack at home, my dear friends whom I count on to pray for me during exams and tough days, and the Lord, who daily sustains me… without all of you, none of this would be possible for me. One semester down, two to go!

These pictures are from the last clinical day of this semester in which we learned bandaging. Unfortunately I wasn’t there, since I was away at a Linguistics conference. (Which I will be posting about soon.)

Betsy and Shayla

Betsy and Shayla

Charmaine and Peta

Charmaine and Peta-Gaye

Crystal and Kristine

Crystal and Kristine

Ella and Paige

Ella and Paige

Happy Clinical Partners

Ajeena, Tammy, Erin and Amanda

More bandaging

Jessica, Sandy, Leyla and Beatrice

Mrs. Lehman

Mrs. Lehman and her clinical group

Practicing Bandages

Deana, Starr, Kayla, Laura and Bri

There are a lot more of my classmates that I don’t have pictures of, but as the year progresses, I’m hoping to have everyone pictured on here. 🙂

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