My First Tenting Trip

Well, my first tenting trip in America anyway. I did sleep in a tent in South Africa a couple years ago while on a choir tour, but it rained the whole time, so it wasn’t the best experience ever. This time, we had beautiful weather! I want to share just a few pictures from the beautiful campsite.


Interestingly enough, my family stayed at this campground when I was four or five. We stayed in a cabin, of course, and I don’t remember much about the visit except that we played dominoes, and Daddy did some impressions.


I stayed at the camp site with my best friend, Liz, and her sister’s family. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy camping or not, because I don’t naturally spend a lot of time outdoors. My parents are city people, so even though I grew up in what we consider to be the country,  I have a lot to learn about things like camping, like how to cook over a fire… Or how to start a fire, for that matter.


When I got there, the camp site was already set up. My tent was actually really cozy, and I slept beautifully! I will admit, I did hear some strange noises as I was drifting off to sleep… I’m still not sure what they were.


I loved how clear the creek was!


I walked out into the middle of the creek and found the water to be very cold.


Liz’s morning coffee and artwork…


It was a wonderful experience, and I hope to be able to go camping again soon!



(Special thanks to Hannah Fisher for the pictures!)

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