On Becoming A Nurse – Summer Part One

My break between spring and summer semesters felt entirely too short. I had, as usual, too many things I wanted to accomplish in the two short weeks, and sad to say, I didn’t complete my to do list. I did however, complete some very important things, such as spending time with Paul and Laura, getting a couple of summer dresses made, practicing orchestra music for the concerts this weekend, and getting my paperwork, textbooks and other supplies and resources in order for the summer semester.


This week was the first week back in school, and so far it’s gone well! So in addition to starting class/clinical again, I’m playing in a concert this weekend, studying for upcoming exams, finishing Greek class assignments, and attending a wedding.


Ms. Acrie giving a math lecture…


This summer is supposedly a very hectic semester, and given the looks of our clinical schedule, I’m inclined to believe it. We are at approximately fourteen different locations (including peds, mental health and OB) over the twelve-week summer semester.


So last semester, we had thirty-seven students all together. This semester we have about fifty. Our classroom is now very full with our new classmates. We’re excited to have them join us, and it’s been fun getting to know them!

(Yesterday at school, we welcomed our new classmates with a potluck lunch. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures.)


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