Soap Making

It’s been a while since I’ve posted–yes, I’ve been busy, as usual, but I’ve missed my blog! This evening after thoroughly boring myself by studying for my test tomorrow, I decided to do a far more interesting, albeit tiny little task… making soap.

Not the fancy kind with hot lye… though I did try that years ago with friends who were experts. Let’s just say, it made a huge mess, and I’m not usually a fan of those. So now I stick to the simple kind of soap making: the kind that involves castille soap, water, empty foaming bottles and essential oils.


Basically, you dump some soap into the bottle (about a third full), add your essential oils of choice (my favorites are citrus–they smell so fresh and clean), and fill with water!

Today I did cedarwood (not a scent I like at all, however, this bottle of soap is going to a friend of mine who likes the manly scent of sawdust 🙂 ), bergamot with lime, and green mandarin.


You can easily purchase all the necessary items on Amazon! Always make sure to use pure essential oils to avoid unnecessary chemicals.


Happy soap making!

(Pardon the poor quality phone pics please!)

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