A Tribute To Nana

It’s hard to believe it was two years ago that Nana (my mom’s mom) passed away and joined the great cloud of witnesses waiting for us to complete the race…


On Wednesday, my mom had a tribute tea for Nana. Mom set the table with Nana’s zomeldosen (not sure if I spelled that correctly), and invited several ladies from church to celebrate Nana’s life.


Nana was fun loving, kind and had an incredible way of making friends wherever she went. She was full of spontaneity, and always welcomed guests into her home, including people she had never met before.

I found Aunt JoAnn’s post on Facebook from the one year anniversary of Nana’s passing, and it was so perfect I decided to quote it here.

“Two years ago today the world lost this extraordinary woman and my life changed forever. The things we did together, the conversations we had, the laughter and the tears at life events are all memories now. I carry her in my heart, I hear her voice in my head. I don’t want to let go of the life I had, but I have no choice. “Bittersweet” is a word I use too much now.

“She was loved my everyone, and missed greatly and always will be. She is in a better place now and my consolation is that one day we will have a lot to catch up on (while eating a lot of ice cream!)…”


Exactly three months after Nana passed away, the Hospice House unveiled a brick in her honor. Her hospice nurse captured her heart so perfectly.

Another friend said the following: “Nina was a one-of-a-kind treasure who influenced so many. She lived out her faith in Christ boldly, unashamedly and with certainty. Her faith challenged me (and many others) to trust God fully, daily and with thanksgiving. At almost 92 years young, she was feisty to the end.”


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