On Becoming a Nurse – Summer Part Two

Four weeks down, eight to go! One of my professors said that this summer, many of us will find our life work. She also said that we would probably find out that we really love certain fields of nursing that we maybe didn’t expect to, or that maybe we would find out that what we thought we would love isn’t what we were expecting it to be.

She was so right.

I wasn’t expecting to find wounds so fascinating. In fact, I was worried I would be queasy. Turns out, I’m only queasy when I imagine wounds, not when I actually see them.


I got to spend a few days at Conestoga View with a few of my classmates. I’ve had a lot of new experiences, including wound care, various treatments, and tube feeding and care.


We spent seven hours on the floor each morning, then we’d go outside for lunch and post conference assignments. To my group at CV, it was wonderful working together! We make a great team.

So far I haven’t found a place that I really want to work at after I graduate, but I still have several weeks to discover new opportunities.

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