What I Love About Getting Up Early

Of course, “early” is relative. What feels early for me to get up might feel like sleeping in for someone else, or vice versa. I’ve gotten so used to getting up “early” that I automatically wake up around 6 am every morning, even on mornings I can sleep in.


There are a quite a few things I love about getting up early. One of the things I love the most is that I get to enjoy the cool morning air and see the sunrise. Sometimes though, it’s so foggy that I can’t even see the sun! Once, the fog was so dense and blue in some areas that it felt like I was underwater.


One of the best days of my life was the day I got up before dawn and had the privilege of witnessing a C-section. I loved the feel of the OR, seeing a huge sterile field with various instruments, and watching the surgeon and the team at work.


Often times, I wake up in the morning with a song on my mind. This morning the song on my heart was “Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus”. When I wake up with my mind on the Lord, it’s amazing how much faster I get up! What motivates you to get up each morning?

(Special thanks to Liz Fisher for the sunrise picture!)

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