On Becoming a Nurse – Finals Week – Summer Bonus Edition

Well folks, I’m off to a smashing start on finals week! Here’s what’s on the schedule:

Monday: final mental health test, proctored ATI exam, and lectures (awesome job, folks!)

Tuesday: more lectures (including mine!) and makeup days for those who missed a clinical day

Wednesday: clinical makeup day for those who missed two clinical days, day off for the rest of us (that includes me!), and study for final exam

Thursday: the final exam (insert scared face here), then I’m going to my favorite bookstore to pass the time until grades are posted (insert terrified face here)

Friday: wedding rehearsal (did I mention my brother is getting married this weekend!?)

Saturday: the wedding!

Stay tuned for a post on my (first) lecture, titled (wait for it…) “My First Lecture”. Clever, isn’t it? I thought so.

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