Biblical Greek Program

I’m currently on a two week break between semesters of nursing school, which are filled with the final two weeks of the two year Biblical Greek program.

I’m just going to share a few pictures from this week with an explanation of what’s going on.


Acts 12:1-19 – Reading the story of the apostle Peter’s miraculous escape from prison before acting it out. (Note the crown on “Herod”.)


Here we are acting out a story in which several people have fallen by the sword. (Note the elaborate headdress on “Peter”.)


Our teachers, Andrew and Joseph. (Andrew is my brother, and is currently writing his thesis for his master’s degree in linguistics.) Here they are writing sentences for us to complete with the correct form of various nouns.


And of course we need to do something during our breaks! The game of choice around here is four square. Some of my classmates are really good and play quite energetically.

Follow this link to learn more about the Biblical Greek Program!

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