A Mini Country Adventure

Yesterday, Liz and I went to Long’s Park, where we set up a little campsite and spent the afternoon outside. As we were walking from the car into the glade (technically it wasn’t a glade, since a glade requires a forest, but it sorta felt like a mini forest, so maybe it was a mini glade?) I asked Liz if she realized I had never done something like this before. She assured me she was well aware of that fact, and that she was very pleased with herself for introducing me to a new experience.

Sure, I’ve been to lots of parks before, including this one several years ago, but I had never spent the entire afternoon hanging from a tree in a secluded glade. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, I’ll admit… but it’s true!


Liz found a wonderful spot to hang our hammocks and lay the mat. I was worried that the hammock straps would slide down the trees and crash the hammocks onto the ground, but besides the fact that the hammocks were already pretty close to the ground (thus negating any potential impending injuries), Liz assured me that the straps wouldn’t slide. Well, they didn’t, and we were perfectly safe. Except for the occasional leaf falling from the tree. Which wasn’t exactly dangerous, but judging by the fact that I jumped and yelped every time a leaf fell on me, apparently I thought the leaves were dangerous. Or that they were bugs.


We walked down to the creek near our “campsite” and got our feet wet in the beautifully cool water…


…and we drank fancy homemade coffee and berry lemonade while standing in the creek. Much to my dismay and the dismay of my tender feet, the bed of the creek was composed almost entirely of sharp rocks. Liz disagreed, and called me a city girl… I can’t blame her. If I were in her shoes (or her bare feet for that matter), I probably would have called me a city girl, too.


There were gloriously green trees with just the right amount of sunlight peeking through the leaves in every direction, but it was close enough to civilization (we could hear the traffic on the main road) that I felt safe.


I couldn’t get over how beautiful and green it was!


We brought snacks and drinks and reading material…


I have no idea why she made this face when I tried to take a picture of her, but I had to put it in. It makes me snicker every time I see it. Oh and yes, she drank most of the lemonade. Just don’t ask how much of the coffee I drank!

(I drank all of the coffee. And I was very talkative all night long!)

(Photo credits mostly to Liz.)

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