Bible Translation Day

This morning I got an email from Wycliffe, informing me that today is Bible Translation Day. Bible Translation is something that is close to the hearts of all of my family members, and something I believe is close to God’s heart as well. Following are ecards designed by Wycliffe, as well as exerpts from their email this morning.

“September 30th is a day set aside to honor the work of Bible translation. The U.S. has celebrated Bible Translation Day every year since 1966 when the House and Senate first proclaimed it a holiday.

“We all know that the Bible is transformative; it brings hope, life and salvation. God calls us to share the Good News with others, and Bible translation makes it possible for people to understand the gospel in a language and form they can clearly understand.

“God also calls us to be encouragements to one another — to our family members, neighbors, coworkers and even strangers. One way to live out the call of Scripture is by lifting up other believers and pointing them to the truth that they’re seen, known and loved by God. After all, everyone needs to be encouraged that they matter!”

Bible translators and missionaries around the world need our support! Whether we support them through prayer, writing letters, financial support, or other means, let us do so faithfully!

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