Nursing School – Fall Semester 2

It is my greatest pleasure to announce to you all that as of the end of last month (September), I have officially applied to graduate as an LPN this December! It feels hard to believe that I applied to graduate less than a year after I applied to the nursing program or started any classes.

We only have six weeks to go this semester, and the days are starting to go by faster and faster. I’m definitely excited, but also a bit apprehensive. I’m going to miss my classmates and instructors!

Here are a few pictures from clinical this semester.


At clinical with Mrs. Dueck.


When your fellow nursing classmates find out you have a killer headache and promptly prescribe ice… 🙂


I sat down at a table in the cafeteria, and Shannon snapped this pic for me.

I know this post was rather short, but things are quite hectic around here these days! Nursing school is tough and exciting at the same time, and I have been attempting to pour my heart into it. This year has absolutely flown by! Till next time…

…Stay tuned for more updates!

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