Nursing School – Final Update and Long-Term Goals

Yup folks, you read that right! This is my last update for nursing school! (Unless I decide to post pictures from my party or the pinning ceremony.) I successfully completed the requirements for this semester, and will be graduating this week! It hasn’t fully sunk in yet… and I expect it to take a while for me to realize that I’m actually finished with school.

Playing Last Nurse Standing… I won second place! 🙂

As I wrap up these updates, I want to address the question that I’ve been asked quite a bit, and that I find myself asking a great deal as well: what next?

Maybe a better question to ask would be, what is my long-term goal in becoming a nurse? Wherever I work, or live, I want my work to be a ministry. So if I work in a retirement community, or a hospital, or a doctor’s office, or in a clinic on the mission field, my goal is to glorify God and share the love and light of Jesus with my colleagues and clients and anyone else I cross paths with.

(Photo Credit: Shannon Ledesma)

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