My tagline, “wherever you are, be there with all your heart”, is my spin off of Jim Elliot’s popular quote, “wherever you are, be all there.” From a very young age, Jim Elliot has been a missionary hero of mine, and I have been greatly inspired by his life and the life and writings of his wife, Elisabeth Elliot.

I was challenged at the beginning of 2020 to have a better defined goal for my blog, and I am taking up that challenge. So far, it has been a sort of hobby for me; a place for me to share about the journey God has me on. Looking forward, I will be gearing more of my posts towards encouraging Christian women in our walks with the Lord. I will share from my own personal experience and journey, as well as challenging myself and others to press on toward our eternal goal. If you don’t fit into that category, that’s okay! I welcome you to join my journey regardless of who you are.