My Dear Amaris

My dear Amaris… What am I ever going to do with myself when you go back home? Over the past five weeks, I’ve been so blessed to have you staying here. Even though the circumstances weren’t exactly ideal, it made us so happy to have you and your mom around. There’s just something really special about being able to walk down the hallways from my room to yours, and tell you about my day, or just hold your hand while you rest, or try to comfort you before a doctor’s appointment, or laugh with you when your phone reminds you it’s time to eat…

I’d say we knew each other fairly well when you came here, but there’s nothing like living together for a few weeks to really get to know someone. You’ve seen me quite hyper and you’ve comforted me in my distresses… I have seen you quite cheerful, and I have held your hand while you were in terrible pain. We’ve talked about happy things, hard things, deep things, fun things…

I could just keep writing all about how much you mean to me, but at the risk of making you cry, so I think I’ll stop. I love you my dear girl!


Me, Amaris, Candace and Pearl

Check out Amaris’s blog here!

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